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10 very EASY ways to cut calories

 Use the stairs instead of using an elevator or lift

The amount of calories you burn could easily add up to 100 a day.

Use your bike for small distances or take a walk

Instead of using the car for every little trip outside your door, use your bike or just walk

Use smaller plates

Eat small portions, don’t eat until you’re full.

Limit your toppings

Eating a salad and topping it off with nuts, mayo and feta beats the purpose of having a salad.

That it’s healthy doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain calories

Nuts for instance are healthy, but they are very rich in calories. Either wheigh them or keep it to a 10-nut-maximum


People who sleep less eat more, it's that simple.

Prepare your own food

That way you know exactly what’s in your meal.

No more soda’s/ switch to diet soda's

Cutting soda’s is probably the easiest calorie saver.

Split your eggs

egg with yoke: 55 calories, egg without yoke 18 calories.

Teach yourself to like coffee and tea without milk and sugar/ or use sweetener

1 cube of sugar contains 12 calories

These are small adjustments, but they make a huge difference! Try it yourself.





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